Advanced Airborne Infection Isolation Solutions

We are a Canadian Healthcare Research & Development company delivering innovative portable aerosol control devices, engineering, design+build & consultancy solutions to dentists and doctors.

AIIR Portable Solutions

Portable Airborne Infection Isolation and Removal



Care Health Meditech Developments Inc is a Health Canada Approved Manufacturer of Class 1 Medical Devices –  MDEL #13004

Authorised for importation into the USA by FDA Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA)

Distributed Exclusively in Canada and the USA by Patterson Dental

Distributed by Patterson Dental

AIIR Portable Solutions

Canadian made and manufactured, AIIR (Airborne Infection Isolation and Removal) by Care Health Meditech delivers patent-pending local removal at source of aerosolized particles in an open environment. Additionally, AIIR provides a layered approach to your practice’s droplet precautions, improving both patient and team safety and peace-of-mind.


Stephen Munro, MBA
Managing Partner – Operations

Stephen has been leading teams in the dental industry for much of his career.   As a principal of CareDent Centers and BC DSO dba Care Dental Stephen keenly understands the challenges and opportunities faced by Practice Owners.

Stephen spends much of his day speaking with dentists and doctors across the country, learning about how they have modified their approach to safe practice.

Eric Schredl, P.Eng
Chief Technical Officer

For over 20-years, Eric has been delivering mechanical engineering solutions to industry in his capacity as founder and principal of Delta-T Engineering Consultants.

An expert in the application of Canadian Health Care Facilities Standards, Eric is involved directly and leads his team on all Design + Build projects. 

Friso Stolk
Managing Partner – Production & Prototypes

Friso is founder and principal of Pacific Industrial Solutions Inc. in Kelowna BC and has over 25 years of experience in custom design, manufacturing, tool & die and prototyping.    

Responsible for all prototypes, production models, and production itself, Friso can be found every day on the production floor working to streamline and improve CareHealth Meditech’s solutions.


Justin Wetherill, CPA

Justin is a Certified Professional Accountant.

Although born in a small Canadian town, Justin is quick to point out that the world is full of big ideas.   It is with this mantra that he helps Care Health Meditech discover its potential.

Chris Finn

Design + Build Project Manager

Chris has been managing HVAC engineering projects for over 20-years.   His friendly and consultative approach and commitment to delivering projects on the “300% rule” (100% on-time, 100% on-budget and 100% on-vision) ensures that he is kept busy working with clients and contractors alike.

Chris is the primary point of contact for all clients underway on facility retrofits.   Although supported by his team, Chris assumes responsibility for guiding and communicating the project from start to finish.

Daryl Foster

Design + Build Project Manager

Quick to smile, Darryl has extensive experience in all areas of commercial construction.   With a specific focus on design-engineered retrofits and renovations Darryl delivers value through attention to detail.

Assigned as your Project Manager, Darryl ensures that every project is completed on-time, on-budget and on-vision.

Darryl’s goal when he approaches any project is to ensure that his customer’s stress level remains at zero.  He achieves this goal through active engagement and communication and using his experience to predict any customer questions in advance and address them.   

Advisory and Research

Dr. Jonathan Little, PHD

Associate Professor
University of British Columbia

Department of Health, Social and Development

Dr. Little is a health researcher with a focus on the impact of external factors on human immune function. Dr. Little provides research & development guidance specific to the set-up and structure of natural experiments aimed to explore the health implications of the company’s solutions.

Dr. Stephan Mostowy, MD, FRCSC

Vascular Surgeon
Associate Clinical Professor
University of British Columbia
Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Mostowy is a practicing Vascular Surgeon & delivers guidance on items related to the primary care applications of future device iterations divined from the research and development of today.

Dr. Sunny Li, P.Eng, PHD

Associate Professor
University of British Columbia
Faculty of Engineering
Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Dr. Li is an accomplished engineering researcher with both industry and academic experience.   His primary area of research is in multi-phase flows, and droplet behavior.  Dr. Li provides guidance to the firm in terms of its ongoing research aimed at developing solutions that eliminate the need for isolation precautions in an acute care setting.

Mr. Grant Munro, MBA

Grant Munro is a Toronto based tech-entrepreneur.

He is a leader in global software as a service (SaaS).  He is the founder of Flashstock (sold Shutterstock, now Shutterstock custom) and advises the firm on all matters related to software technology, access to private markets and scaling.

Dr. Dionysius David, DDS

Alberta Health Services
Department of Dentistry

Dr. David is an esteemed General Dentist and practices in both the public and private sectors.

Dr. David guides the firm in regards to dental applications of current products and services, as well as in the development of future solutions.

Mr. Peter Leitch, FCA

Mr. Leitch is the President of North Shore Studios and is Chairman of the British Columbia Motion Picture Association.   He is a Queens Jubilee Medal winner.

Mr. Leitch advises the firm in all areas of governance and secondary market opportunities.

Mr. Thomas Orysiuk, CPA

Mr. Orysiuk is a Certified Professional Accountant and past CEO of TSX.ACQ.   Previous to this Mr. Orysiuk was CFO of Liquor Stores Income Trust.   He sits on the board of the Caritas Hospital Foundation.

Mr. Orysiuk is principal advisors related to corporate governance, scalability and access to public markets.