AIIR (AIIR - Portable Airborne Infection Control Devices)

Distributed Exclusively in Canada and the USA by Patterson Dental, AIIR (Airborne Infection Isolation & Removal) from Care Health Meditech is designed and engineered for use by doctors during Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures (AGP). It contains and helps eliminate both droplet and aerosol particles, pathogens and aerosolized mercury from the field, providing improved safety, peace of mind and visible security for both patients and teams.

Its use, alongside compliant infection control protocols, patient flow adjustments and Personal Protective Equipment and Sterilization allows for isolation precautions to be deployed as quickly as possible when risk is escalated outside of normal profiles.

Proudly assembled in Canada, AIIR has been tested to meet the demands of your Medical Practice or Walk-In setting.

Research Tells us that Greater Efficiency = Happier Patients.

Between patient aerosol wait-times are based on factors, like room-design, outdoor air changes, and total air-changes per hour delivered in the examination room. At all times it is the responsibility of the doctor to understand current relevant guidance and to determine compliance with it.

Item SpecificationAdvantage
Made inCanadaPeace of Mind through enhanced infection control measures. 
Droplet PrecautionsYes
Splatter / Spatter PrecautionsYes
Electrical SpecificationCSA ApprovedDoes Not Require Separate Outlet or Operatory Rewiring
Voltage Requirement120 V Domestic
Line Cord Length4.2 Meters / 14 feet
Line Cord Configuration3-prong
Negative Pressure (Liters Per Minute)

3738 lpm

Engineering Efficacy. Tested, Modelled & Proven
Fan Blower CFM766
Intake Velocity17 mps
Proof of ConceptComputational Fluid Dynamic Modelling
Filter 1304 Stainless Coarse-Mesh Stage 1
Filter 2Coarse Pre-Filter
Filter 3HEPA (true)
Filter Efficacy99.97% particles removal 0.3 uM
Optical Head Unit SterilizationInternal UVC Docking
AutoclaveStage 1 Modular Arm
Arm and BodyCavi-wipe or other
Available UVC Light Frequency (Nm)254 short wave U.V.C.
Decibels63 Db low frequencyOut of the way & not running at patient's head.
4-handed dentistry
Modular Arm Length Operational Positioning2030mm
Device Height Floor to Top of Base965mmRobust construction. Stainless Steel Frame and Pivots are frictonless and quiet. There is a reason why pick up trucks are made of aluminum and not plastic…
Device Max Height1120mm
Device Width560mm
Device Length560mm
Optical Head Unit Diameter460mm
Device Weight93 kg
Shipping Weight114 kg
Base Unit ConstructionStainless Steel/Aluminum/Steel
Powder Coat GradeFDA White
Modular Arm Construction6063 T3 Aluminum
UVC Lamp Replacement Hours10,000Reliable, low-maintenance, for the life of your practice.
Limited Warranty Unit ChassisLifetime
Negative Pressure Generator Warranty5 years
HEPA (True) filter replacementEvery 2-months or 500 hours

Optical Head
Replacement HEPA (true) Filter
description: Compatible with all AIIR portable devices and providing particle filtration of 99.97% 0.3 microns or greater in size. AIIR portable filters requires replacement every 2-months or 500 hours of use.
Optional UVC germicidal lamp
description: UVC germicidal lamp requires replacement every 10,000 hours.

AIIR Spin 360


Click and drag to view more angles of the AIIR unit.

Light & Maneuverable. Out of the way at the foot of the examination table.

360 degrees of swing. Positioned once then swung in or out of the field

Made in Canada + CSA-Approved

Steri-cycle of 120 seconds & potential wait-time reductions

Simple & Reliable. Out of the box to first patient in under an hour

Quiet & Beautiful. Visible safety without feeling restrained

Protection when patient is treated in either seated or supine position

Can be deployed in waiting area when patients are symptomatic URTI or in examination rooms

Reduced Anxiety. Show your team and patients how you're protecting them

Effective & Researched

AIIR portable device is currently being modelled at the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus, Faculty of Engineering Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab. A proposal is underway that describes the research team’s efforts to study the potential health & PPE impacts of the device in examination rooms.

3400.00 CAD

Computational Fluid Dynamics Initial Proof of Concept Modelling

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