We care about the AIIR you breathe




Remove Aerosols

UBC research defines that AIIR devices remove all aerosols at source in less than one-second

Protect Public Health

AIIR devices are proven to reduce the risk of healthcare worker contamination as well as patient cross contamination

Quick Paybacks

Used in place of, or to reduce fallow times, AIIR devices pay for themselves in only a few days of practice


AIIR devices are the most studied and researched of their kind in the world. Read why UBC recommends their use

In Partnership with UBC

Care Health Meditech Research and Development is completed in partnership with the University of British Columbia. UBC has created a multi-disciplinary cluster funded by one of Canada’s most prestigious research grants, Eminence. Our world-class research cluster is comprised of scientists, doctors, engineers, physicists, public health agencies and industry with a vision of breaking the chain of airborne transmission in healthcare facilities. Read More here

Which AIIR is right for you?


AIIR Classic

AIIR Classic delivers synchronous, local control and elimination of droplets and aerosols created during aerosol generating procedures (AGP).

  • Tested and proven effective at removing 100% of aerosols in less than 1 second
  • Reduce or eliminate fallow times
  • 58 Db
  • 3-layers of filtration // 99.97% effective at removing particles 0.3 micron or larger
  • No refraction or requirement to change the way you practice
  • Swings in and out of patient field
  • Suitable for supine patient care
  • Medical grade, made in Canada, premium build quality
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


AIIR+ delivers all the same features, advantages and benefits of AIIR Classic PLUS:

  • Has a 32% smaller footprint
  • Is 53% more compact
  • Is 50% lighter
  • Is 15% more quiet
  • Counterbalanced arm for wider range and ease of manipulation
  • Foot pedal actuated
  • Suitable and easy transitions between supine and seated care
  • Medical grade, made in Canada, premium build quality
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
AIIR Plus Medi Spa


For Medical Aesthetics​

  • Salon
  • Medi Spa
  • Medical Aesthetics
  • Plastics

Meet our brand ambassador for MediSpa, Blade Tiessen.

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